Covid 19 has changed so much in the way we live our lives now.  It’s unfortunate.

When I interact with anyone, my home has always had open doors. This is not the case any more (at least for now).

I used to allow five week puppy visits for those who had a deposit in and a puppy was reserved.  This too is no longer the case.   When you purchase a puppy from me: I will update website and social media with photos/videos of the puppies. This will have to suffice till you can pick up your puppy at eight weeks old.

When you come to pick up your puppy, you will be required to step in a disinfectant and then come through a side gate to our backyard. The days of welcoming strangers into my home has come to an end.  The transaction will be professional as always, but quick.  I will have the puppy bathed, paperwork together and ready to sign.  There will be no handshakes or hugs of good luck.  Please don’t be offended by this new way we are forced to act.  It’s definitely not how I am used to doing things.

Also know, I personally will not be wearing a mask, espicially in my own home/yard.

Covid 19 has forced all of us to drastically change the way we conduct our daily lives, including me and my family.

Thank you for understanding

Published on August 12, 2020 at 9:15 am  Comments Off on COVID 19  
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