How the deposit process works



Puppies are chosen in order of deposit received.  First deposit, gets first pick, secon deposit gets second pick, etc. After pups arrive, I go down the list of my deposits received (in order of course) and each buyer has the opportunity to chose their puppy out of what is available and what their deposit form requested (color/sex).   If another litter is also due within a short period of time, that buyer can wait to see what the other litter produces to choose from that litter as well.  In this case, sometimes a buyer may place a puppy “on hold” while awaiting for the next litter to arrive.

Once I have gone through my deposits and a puppy is available, it will say “available” (other wise it will state reserved).  A puppy that says “on hold” may become available at a later time.

My deposits also have the opportunity to “roll over or pass” their deposit to future litters.  They have one year to take a puppy of choice before their deposit becomes forfeited/void.

So, don’t be detoured by a long deposit list because often those on the list decided “timing isn’t right”.

Please read our deposit form throughly so you understand the process of what it means to “put down a deposit” and what is expected from you as a buyer of Legends Miniature Australian Shepherds.


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