Seller/breeder believes the puppy to be healthy and sound at the time of sale. All health records are transferred to buyer upon transfer of puppy. There is a 48 hour health guarantee from the time of pick up and the buyer agrees to have their puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of obtaining said puppy. Failure to have this vet-check-up will void this contract.

If the puppy is found to have an untreatable disease during the initial (48 hour) vet check, we will refund your money upon return of said puppy. A written report from a licensed veterinarian will be required upon return of said puppy. If the puppy is found in poor health as evidenced by a licensed veterinarian and buyer chooses NOT to return said puppy, this contract will be void and the buyer, will assume all costs/care for the lifetime of the puppy. At no time, will any money be refunded to purchaser once the 48 hour health guarantee passes. Once said dog leaves breeder’s premises, ALL veterinary expenses incurred are the buyer’s responsibility.

There is a guarantee up to 12 months of age on said puppy for life threatening congenital defects. Purchaser must provide a statement from a licensed veterinarian stating any such defects. This does not include hip/elbow or patella deformities and/or abnormalities caused by injury, neglect or other environmental conditions. If there turns out to be a life-threatening defect, the seller will replace the puppy with a similar puppy from the next available litter (same color, sex, etc.).

Said puppy is eating Lifes Abundance All Stages and/or Small/Medium Puppy food (NOT GRAIN FREE).  Said puppy is to remain on Lifes Abundance (Puppy or All Stages only) food throughoutit’s life.  With the discovery of certain (and many) dog foods linking heart disease(DCM) in dogs, changing/feeding a brand that is not recommended will null/void this contract.

Although we (seller) do our best to estimate the height the puppy will be at maturity, we can not guarantee it.

The buyer(s) acknowledges that the said dog/puppy is being purchased for the purpose of companion dog only. Buyer agrees to have said dog spayed/neutered at the appropriate age. Breeder recommends to spay/neuter no earlier than 12 months of age. We have found that the hormones produced during the first 12-18 months are necessary for the proper growth/joint health of your puppy. Buyer(s) must provide the seller with a spay/neuter certificate by your veterinarian, upon doing so, seller will provide a registration application (American Stock Dog Registry/ASDR) to buyer. This puppy is being sold as a PET ONLY and is not to EVER be used for breeding.

This is a puppy/dog we created and we always want only the best for, for the entirety of its lifetime. Buyer agrees to provide said puppy with a lifetime of adequate care & commitment. Buyer agrees to send breeder an annual update on the status of the puppy (more frequent updates are appreciated). Buyer agrees to make an Instagram page/account for your puppy so seller can watch your puppies progress/development.  At any time you are unable to keep said puppy/dog, contact us immediately. By signing this contract, you agree that in the event you are unable to care/keep the above said dog, the buyer(s) will IMMEDIATELY notify the seller/breeder FIRST/BEFORE any other parties are involved.  It is at the seller’s discretion as to whether or not to allow you, the buyer(s), to place the dog into another home. The breeder will NOT be obligated to pay any costs/refunds to buyer(s) for the return of said dog. If the buyer rehomes said puppy/dog w/o breeders knowledge, the breeder can at any time, take back possession of said puppy/dog from the person to whom it was rehomed to, at anytime.



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