Seller/breeder believes the puppy/dog to be healthy and sound at the time of sale. All shots and wormings have been done up to date. There is a 48hour health guarantee from the time of pick up. Buyer(s)agrees to have puppy checked by their vet within 48  hours of obtaining puppy. Failure to have this check-up will void this contract.  If the puppy is to be found to have an untreatable disease during that time ,we will either refund purchase price or replace the puppy with a like color, sex and sized puppy from the current or next available litter~whichever is available first.  Buyers choice.  If buyer(s) elects to keep said puppy, they are also assuming all the costs for it’s care at which case, no replacement puppy will be given.  To avoid contagious diseases and infections, the buyer(s) is advised to keep said dog at home and away from outside areas and animals, until the dog is fully vaccinated (your veterinarian will give you a recommended schedule).

There is a guarantee up to 12 months of age on the said puppy for any life threatening congenital defects. Purchaser will have to provide a statement from a licensed veterinarian to seller/breeder about defect.  We also guarantee up to 12 months of age , hips.  For hip guarantee, the puppy would need to have the OFA preliminary report that rates the hips lower than a “fair”, meaning that the said dog has hip dysplasia.  This guarantee does NOT include hip deformation or abnormalities caused by injury, neglect or other environmental conditions. If there turns out to be a life threatening defect or hip dysplasia, then the seller will replace the puppy with a similar puppy from the next available litter (same color, sex).  At no time, will any money/monies be refunded.  This guarantee does not cover veterinary bills or transportation costs incurred by the buyer(s) for said puppy.  Once said puppy/dog leaves breeders premises, ALL veterinary and other expenses incurred by the buyer(s) are the responsibility of the buyer(s).  We do not guarantee patellas.

The buyer(s) acknowledge that: Said dog is being purchased for the purpose of companion dog only and there is no warranty as to breeding or to show quality.  We will provide application for registration for our puppies AFTER proof of spay or neuter has been presented to seller.  Buyer(s) agrees to have said dog spayed/neutered at the age that your veterinarian recommends.

The buyer(s) agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and properly train and care for the dog, including all vaccinations, heart worm preventatives and worming, along with proper nutrition.

The buyer(s) agrees that in the event the buyer(s) cannot keep the above said dog, the buyer(s) will immediately notify the seller/breeder FIRST/BEFORE any other parties are involved. It is at the sellers discretion as to whether or not to allow the buyer(s) to place the dog in a home of their choice. If the breeder decides to take the dog back, the dog will be returned to the breeder at no costs or refunds to the buyer(s).  If this happens, the buyer agrees to provide ALL veternary records for said dog as well.  At no time in this said dogs lifetime, shall it be taken to any animal shelter!

Seller and buyer(s) agree to keep each other informed of any address or telephone changes throughout the dogs lifetime so the seller can keep in contact with the dogs family.

Although we do our best to estimate the height of the puppy at maturity, we can not guarantee the actual size at maturity. The Mini’s and Toy’s were bred down from standard size Australian Shepherds and there can always be a recessive gene that comes out.

The buyer(s) agrees to take possession of the dog immediately after purchase.

At any time in the dogs life you have any questions with regards to the said dog, you can call us at any time for help.

Buyer(s) acknowleges all of the above, whether they sign my contract or not.

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