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On this page, you will find a collection of pictures.
Most are of from our Aussie families who have adopted a Legends puppy as well as (many) pictures of our own family.
I hope you take pleasure in seeing the pictures, as much as I like sharing them.
I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to all our adoptive families who take the time to keep in touch with us by sharing photos and updates on their canine family members.  It is appreciated so much!!

Joni and Mike Hunsucker

FACEBOOK @ Legends Miniature Australian Shepherds

LEXIE x LOUIE BABIES born 5/19/20:

DSC_0095-002 Arm full of cuteness!

MY FAMILY~ December 2016


Its a puppy kind of Christmas! Oh my gosh, did we have fun!!


over the years…..
DSC_0359  DSC_0654  DSC_1244
March 2014                           June 2013                           Dec. 2013

DSC_0227.JPG 3rd runner up @ Miss California Teen USA 2016

Your new Miss Teen Irvine USA 2016  dsc_1086

DSC_1515.JPGTwo of my favorite boys DSC_0009.JPG

DSC_1439.JPG October 2016

My (ice crew) girls working for Ontario Reign and LA Kings dsc_1224

Riley wins IJM 2015: DSC_0054_pp
next stop….Virginia Beach for Nationals July 2015 (where she placed 8th out of over 50 girls)

Ryder Aden Whitt : Ryder 7 mo 7 mo old

Ty getting in some target practice
before opening day August 2013
photo (1)   and competing in cross countryDSC_0713

My pretty girls (and grandson) DSC_0583.JPG Dec 2015

DSC_0341  My girls june 2013
March 2014                         &  June 2013

Riley and Ty first day of school August 2013
Riley~ Sophomore & Ty~ Freshman
Riley and Ty first day of school 2013-14

July 4th 2012~

 Riley wins her first state title~
Miss California American Jr. Teenager 5/2012

DSC_0332 DSC_0654 11/2012
Riley gets “Most Original” for her State Costume
and places 2nd runner up (in Virginia) at Nationals.

Grandparents 55th wedding anniversary Nov. 2011
Riley wins National Jr. Teen Route 66 2011~12

DSC_0631 Riley and “Levi”

My “other” girls- Desi and Maggie. RIP girls
I miss them both so much!!

DSC_0926 DSC_0109 Marlo & Lexi Feb. 2016

Camo x Stance puppy
Jameson, then and now:

Camo pup: “Nalu” at 7 mo’s. Nalu

DSCN1420 DSCN0864 DSCN6265

DSCN7780 DSCN1624-1

DSC_0155 DSC_0184 DSC_0830

DSC_0061  DSCN1212  DSC_1064

DSCN1380 DSC_0864-001 DSC_0860-001

DSCN8080  DSCN0855  DSC_0888

DSC_0836  DSC_0896

DSC_0190  DSC_1001 DSC_0802-001

DSC_0013  DSC_0049

1 - Brewski Aug 2012 - 3 months “Brewski”

EZ enjoying retirement! photo (4)

“Mia” Mia puppy

“Blue” w/his new family photo 5
and Blue now… photo 3photo 2

Obie~ photo (3)  IMG954775
and Obie now  photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1)

DSC_0888-001 Camo & brother, both out of Scoiscia

DSC_0877-001 Penny         DSC_0165

DSC_1010 DSC_0887 Sisters (out of Torii)

“Sister” now known as “Jesse”~photo

“Paxton”@ 8wks~ DSC_0794 and @ 8 months~OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paxton with his new pals~ OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

photo 1 Izzy at 7mo.

Crickett in her new home~ 


Scoiscia/EZ pup~ Jesse~

Scoiscia/EZ male~ “Doolin”~

LEVI~levi-stella-pup LEVI~ Linda's boy Beautiful Blue Merle

Cinch “CINCH”

Uno and Teemu
“Uno” welcomes his brother from another mother, “Teemu” (both out of Nash)

“Sadie”~Scoiscia/EZ pup:

” Harley” ~Harley a Diva puppy

Harley (now) and his new little sister, Molly~ Molly and Harley

BoomerBoomer (r) and friend

Josie~ a whopping 3lbs @ 3 months old!   Josie now~  


“Hobie”: Mini in the mailbox!

Diva and Reggie pups:

“Brody”   & “Riley” 

Sydney-@ 8wks: @13wks:

Sydney in herding lessons:

sydneysnow1 sydneysnow2 Sydney in Mammoth Feb. 2008

Scioscia pup~ “Sydney”~ BeAuTiFul~  

Harley as a puppy:

more of Harley:


“Dallas” w/his family-

Dallas gets a new brother-

Cause he’ssss my besssst friend, dada da da da….

A boy and his dog….best friends for life!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!!


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