Puppy Pick Up Dates

Over the years, I have found that often times, people will place a deposit down on a puppy. But when it comes time for the puppy to go home at eight weeks of age, the buyer will ask if we can keep their puppy for an extended amount of time past the eight week pick up date, usually so the buyer may fulfill vacation plans they may have already had.

Most often, my answer is no.

Let me explain why:

First of all, It’s important to know, that when you purchase a puppy, that you are willing to change your lifestyle (somewhat), to accommodate your new family member. Your new fur baby should be your number one priority. If you have a vacation planned or something else that is prohibiting you from focusing 100% on your new puppy, the timing is not right.  That’s okay.  Life is about timing.

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility, whether you have one pet, or many.  Here at Legends, in addition to our dogs, we also have horses and cats. Having animals ties us down, regardless of how many we have. Any pet owner knows that responsibility. Making plans to go out of town is not something easily done.  For us, it requires hiring someone to house/animal sit. When we have puppies (of any age), we do not go anywhere. The babies care is our number one priority.  With that being said, our window between litters is sometimes limited, so when time is available, we as a family, do our best to utilize that (down) time.

Yes, we are a breeder, but we are a family first.


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