Hello Joni!
Just wanted to thank you oh so much for breeding the kindest, most adorable puppies on the planet. Atlas
Annabelle Cantu

I adopted a 5 yr. old red tri from Joni. His name is EZ and he is the joy of my life.  What a great Breeder Joni is.  I know she breeds for the love of the breed, and for no other reason.  I not only got one of the greatest dogs I have ever owned, I also made a great friend.
Connie R.

Hi Joni,
I enjoy watching your website and looking at the pics of the new puppies!  I was very excited to see updated photos of Scout and also that EZ has found a good home…my Brewski (aka Willie Nelson) has been a joy to watch grow up over the last eight months!  He has been my best buddy and has shown unconditional love 🙂  I don’t know what I would have done without his companionship.  We hang out all the time and have enjoyed obedience training, learning tricks, going for long walks, hiking, and visiting our friends and family (who have also fallen in love with him!).  I have attached photos… he gets soooo much attention wherever we go.  People always comment on how he is so good looking and well-mannered.  I often give inquiring folks your website address.
Enjoy the photos
Meredith P.

Pippa is 6 months old now and weight 20 lbs! She is catching freebies well !

Hi Joni,
How are you doing.. I’ve been meaning to get in touch and send you guys some updated pictures of our boy Sam!!  Sam is doing great.. My Wife and I  love him very much and are so happy to have him as a part of our family..  He’s such a good dog..  We’ve done some training with him and he always does so well.. Really smart dogs these Aussies are!!!  He’s got a great personality and always attracts attention where ever we take him..  Sam and I walk every morning at our park across the street..  When we first brought him home and I walked him there for the first time just about a year ago he was shaking with fear at the geese and ducks that are around the lake at the park.. Now he just wants to chase them!!  I’ve also found a really great enclosed baseball diamond here by our house that I let him go off leash..  I can throw a tennis ball with him forever there!! He loves to run!  I still check out your guys website often.. We contemplate getting Sam a little companion Aussie to keep each other company.  Can’t believe a year has gone by so fast.. It was this time last year that we brought him home from you guys..  I just wanted to let you know that Sam is doing really well and loves his new home!!  I would love to keep in touch and hopefully if the timing is ever right and you guys are looking to home another Mini give us a heads up.   A puppy would still probably be tough for us, both having to work during the day.  It worked out so well getting same at 8 months… He’s done great.  Hope you and your family are doing well and wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Chris and Katie G.

Hi Joni,
Everything is going well with Sara. She is adjusting well to her new environment. She is very intelligent, already learned to only go potty outside on the grass, climbing up and down the stairs and goes inside her crate when told to. Sara is also getting along great with our Pomeranian. They are always wrestling and running back and forth inside the house, playing tug-of-war with each other over toys. Here are some pics that we took earlier today.

Hello Joni!
Thank you so much for a wonderful pup! Our family is in love with her and she loves her new home.

I wanted to send a photo of her with my daughter, Cali.  Cali named her Mia (said like Meeya)

Hey Joni,
I just wanted to do a followup with our little red tri male we picked up last week. We decided to name him “Ryker”. He’s doing great! He’s pretty well potty trained already, which really is impressing both me and Kim. He loves to play and is already pretty good at leash walking for short distances! We’ll be sure to get you some pictures in a month or two but just wanted to give you an update.
Thanks! James Betker

Hi, Joni~
Here are some pictures of Cricket. One is with Kennedy, my daughter :] she was happily surprised!
Cricket is already housebroken, right off the bat wanted to go outside to do her business, she’s so good about it already. She also only cries for about a minute when she is put in her crate. Amazing. She is the easiest puppy i’ve ever had! It took her no time at all to get used to her surroundings and she isn’t shy about meeting new people at all. Couldn’t be happier!
Thank you!

My family and I are completely in love with Sadie…she is such a good girl and so smart! She gets to play a lot with her brother, “Cooper”, the puppy my mom bought from you and he has turned out to be a beautiful dog…very neat coloring and light, light, baby blue eyes.
Thanks again Joni, you are a wonderful breeder and you’ve definitely made a return customer out of me.
Sara L.

We just love Cooper! He is such a good puppy! His disposition is great with kids. He is a very handsome fella too!
Trish V.

Cody’s doing great–thanks for asking!!  He’s so smart!  He was pretty much house trained the first day, he sleeps through the night and loves his crate, and he knows how to sit on command.  He’s a really sweet puppy and he rarely whines or cries.  We’re very happy to have him as a part of our family.
Thanks for everything–we really appreciate it.
Christi V.

Hi Joni,
I just wanted to say Thank You so much for “Frankie”, whose name has been changed to Marley. He has turned out to be such a character. He is fearless, which keeps us on our toes at all times, and he is so loving. He is very social and at times can be such a monster. He is a beautiful puppy and he gets endless compliments wherever we go. I have attached some pictures of his first trip to the beach.
Thanks again,
Deanna C.

Hi Joni
Molly is 16” and weighs 20 lbs. She is a real sweet puppy and still has the butt first approach that you said her father was known for. She was spayed at 8 months and her health is excellent and she is what the vet called a real sturdy pup. She is a good traveler and loves our r.v. and stays in motels when we car travel and is usually a very quiet dog. She thinks she is a hunter and will stalk a lizard and chase birds by the hour if we let her. She is fast becoming a frisbee catcher and loves to chase balls . She has taken over our bed and our hearts and we are very very pleased with Molly Brown. She fits our family to a T and all 5 of our grand-kids love to play with her and Molly seems to know to be gentle with the smaller girls.
Bob and Susan T.

Hi Joni,
Just wanted to send you a few photos of Louie (Vladie.) He is just an awesome dog! Lovable, smart, cute…he has become such a huge part of our family in only a month. He is quite healthy and active…lots of running in the backyard with everyone. I can’t wait to go out for real walks (after his last set of shots.) We have done quite a bit of training with him and he has proven to be a very capable student. He understands commands very quickly and has sit, come, stay, watch and down mastered already.
I have noticed so much more of his copper markings coming out. He has full copper cheeks now and his nose has totally filled in. He seems to like the water and we will be teaching him some pool safety this weekend. He has his own life preserver and hopefully we can get him to understand how to get himself out of the pool…those pictures will be fun. I’ll be sure to send you a few.
Thanks again for everything!
Brett L.

Wanted to let you know about our little one. We got her from you on May 9, 2007 at the age of 12 weeks, to the day. Her dad was Wrigley and her mom is Stella. You had called her Pistol, and, although we renamed her Kiska Rose, (most of the time she’s just Kis) the pistol still fits. All in a very good way. Now 1 -1/2 she stands 14″ at the shoulder and is 18 pounds. She is a true Aussie in every sense, just little. Broad-beamed, strong and sturdy and very energetic. She has a sweetness in her face that keeps her from getting in trouble when she’s gone a bit too far. We swear she even smiles at us when we are good pet-parents and give her a treat. As far as personality, you couldn’t ask for more. She is smart, sometimes too much for us. She has a bit of independence but that is still her puppy-ness. We have a remote truck that we run in the back yard and she herds it and bites the tires to get it to go the way she wants. Her instincts are strong. She is loving and very caring, plays like crazy but comes to get us when she is ready for bed each night. We had thought we wouldn’t get another dog after our last one passed but we would have lost so much without her. We have all the incredible traits of an Aussie in a little dog we can take anywhere. We are so grateful that we found you and might even be thinking of getting her a “sister” one of these future litters.
Thanks again for our little one. She is the greatest.
Karen and Dennis Q.

Patches, alis Marty, sure is a delight to have in the family and has given the ole Chukka dog some new life. Patches is helping fill the loss of Daisy in our lives, she sure was a good ole girl; very missed. Our vet was very happy with our new addition; said Patches is a very good looking puppy; healthy. Our thanks to Joni of Legends Minis!
Jim B.

Hi Joni!
Ruby (Jewel) is doing GREAT! We just love her so much (along with everyone else who meets her). She has such a wonderful personality and she is SO smart. At times, I think she’s even smarter than us! ha ha She’s a very lucky girl, since she gets to go EVERYWHERE with us. Zach and I run our own business, so she comes to work with us everyday. I have been crate training her, and I guess I’m doing it right, because she just loves her crates (we have one at home and one at our business)! She goes in there to take naps sometimes, but she also loves to sleep on the cool tile! Thanks again for everything… WE ARE SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH HER!!!! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us….
Cara S.

Dear Joni,
First of all, let me say that after my long haul of trucking around Orange County, The Inland Empire, and various pet stores with these poor over priced puppies that had their feces stuck to their fur, and were dirty and sad- your very clean home and organized sanctuary, full of love way of breeding, was a breath of fresh air. I had no intention of getting a dog that day – I had seen so many- and I was disappointed in a lot of the breeders; and worried about the circumstances of the puppies, but as soon as I saw “Charlie” now “Tommy”, I just knew. That’s really all I can say to explain it. We set up his crate that afternoon- got him chew toys and read all the literature you enclosed. THANK YOU it was very helpful! Tommy did not cry at all that first night. He really likes his crate. We are both so extremely happy with Tommy. He really is so smart. Thank you again for running such a professional, loving, caring, facility- I was SO IMPRESSED. And I am extremely impressed with Tommy. Thank you for providing this addition to our family. It has been a beautiful blessing.
Jessica T.

Marley got a rave review from our vet — he was so impressed with her health and stability….he asked about where we got her so I ended up giving him a copy of your business card and told him you had more puppies available – his asst. took a picture of Marley and put a little notice on their info board referring anybody who may be interested in a puppy to you.
Laura W.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Cali is adjusting well to being a member of our family. We are all enjoying her very much. She and our other dog are doing well together. Harley seems to really be taking a liking to her. I took her to the vet yesterday and they said she is in perfect health (which I already thought).
Good luck with the other puppies!
Deeann H.

Hi Joni,
I thought I’d give you an update on how Sadie is doing. She is doing just fantastic! She has fully integrated with our family (except my wife who is still up in Oregon, but I’m sure they will love each other) I take her with me everywhere every chance I get. She has learned some important commands including stay, come, get down etc. These are the important ones rather than shake hands and roll over. Everyone who sees her in public adores her and asks what kind of dog she is and comments on how well behaved and quiet she is. She has really grown to love us and you can just see it in her actions and in her expressions. She is so smart and cute. She is the perfect pet and the perfect size. She loves going out on the town with me and no longer is overprotective of my daughter, though she still loves her the most. (Though I think I’m catching up.) I’ve come to realize that she returns whatever feelings and efforts that you put into the relationship. We just want to thank you for giving our family the greatest dog we could ask for and assure you that she is very happy and pampered and doing great.
Tim U.

I get so many compliments on Sydney and have given your information to several people that have asked where I got her from. She is doing great and just getting ready to start obedience classes. She had the sit, down, shake hands, and roll over all down within one week of bringing her home! We have some work to do on her recall though. I am so amazed at how fast she learns, very incredible dog. She loves to play frisbee and loves her ball. She has learned the name of several toys and will bring them to me when asked to get it. (i.e.: ball, snake, froggy, duck) One of these days I’d love to come back by and say hello. I see you have some new litters coming up….congratulations! I’d love to have another one some day, but maybe by next summer if your planning more litters next year. Hope you and your family are enjoying your summer so far!~ Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.
Traci K.

Just an update on Cabo. He graduates from puppy school today and has done really well. He is a very bright young man at 7 months. Both Sandy and I just love him to no end. A real member of the family. He has all his adult teeth and last week weighed in at 17.2 lbs. We think he’s near his top weight. Very healthy. Will send graduation pictures after today’s final exam and graduation.
All the best,
Bill & Sandy G.

Dear Joni,
Harley is such a calm dog. He plays like a puppy and is very active-Loves his walks and “play-dates” with the dog next door-but he has a serene manner about him. We adore him so. Thank you for bringing him into our life.
Paula T.

Hi Joni,
Ace is now about 23 pounds and is about 17-18 inches tall. (We think that is the perfect size!) We are thoroughly enjoying him as part of our family. He made quite a few friends throughout baseball season so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from others looking for pups. Everyone is amazed at how good he is. Hope all is well with you, good luck with your next litters.
Anna K.

Hi Joni,
Our girls are just wonderful, growing like weeds and full of energy. The grunt of the litter, Zoeie, has turned out to be a big girl. She is 23 lbs and bigger than her sister, Pismo who is 19 lb. Pismo is a little dainty girl, (I think see looks a lot like Sadie) but she can play as hard as Zoeie. I think they would be lost without each other. We are so glad that we got the two of them. We started off with crate training them and it was working. But, we now have them sleeping with us and sure is a lot of fun being woken up by them in the morning. We have been taking them traveling with the 5th wheel and they love it. We want them to see and play at the beach. We love our little girls and we thank Sadie and Wrigley for having such wonderful pups.
Lloyd and Barbara S.

Hi Joni!
Let me see o do we have pictures of Tucker?? Do we ever!! Its been like having a baby all over again and I took a lot of pictures of my kids. Tucker continues to be a great pup. He pretty much runs the house – our little prince. He is a good dog and so smart. We went through some training and he learned so fast. We all would have gotten more out of that if we “did our homework”. But we are just so glad to have him. He is about 18″ tall – its hard to measure because he won’t hold still and his hair sticks up on his back and he weighs about 32 pounds.
Cathy K.

Shyloh has been an amazing addition to our family, he is developing quite the arsenal of tricks, the new two that he learned was to roll over and dead dog. Both Katie and I love him to death and as you can see he loves to have his picture taken. Shyloh is about 13 lbs and about 13 tall at his front shoulder. Katie and I would love to have a second mini but we are leaving for 3.5 weeks to Australia in December. So please let us know when you will have your first litter of the new year because we would defiantly love to get Shyloh a buddy.
Michael, Katie and Shyloh

Hi Joni,
Pilot is at least 35 to 36 pounds and I don’t know how tall. He’s good sized for a mini. I can measure him if you want me to. He’s a water dog. He loves the beach, the lake, the pool, the sprinklers and of course the hose. It’s very difficult to water my plants when he’s around. He went horse camping to the sequioas with us for a few days last week. He has to stay in camp while we ride. He still wants to herd everything but at least he’s better with the cats. He is a wonderful companion and a great family pet.
Julie G.

Maya is amazing we love her so very much. She has a wonderful personality and couldn’t be a better friend to me and my son, Carson.
Holly G.

Harley is a real joy to have. He’s friendly with all people and is getting comfortable with dogs and even cats that will let him get close.
Thanks again for being a good breeder.
Mike & Paula T.

As with any spouse, when you marry them you marry all of their belongings too! Well, one such little piece of “baggage” was Dallas, his then 5 month old mini aussie. At first I thought it was going to be a sacrafice, as I am not a dog lover at all. In fact, I was raised with cats. Well I immediately fell in love with Dallas. Not only is he one of the best looking dogs I’ve ever seen (Ok I’m a little biased:), his personality and demeanor are such he makes you feel loved right back. Dallas is gentle, playful, energetic, obedient, intelligent and a little stubborn at times. These qualities are perfect, as we now have a 2 year old son who he does a great job at protecting. He is also a hit with children when we take him to the park. Lots of heads turn to see his beautiful coat and gorgeous blue eyes. I am sending some pictures in a separate email. One shows his curiosity right when we brought our son home. From day one he wanted to be a protector and helper. Each time our son would cry, Dallas was the first to go into the room with urgency. He was so loyal he only got a few hours sleep that whole week. They have grown up to be good buds. He does several tricks including shake hands and balancing a treat on his nose until we say OK. Then he flicks it in the air and eats it. I often joke about cloning Dallas, but then I realize it’s not a joke. He really is irreplaceable.
Kevin and Sheri L.

Hi…I hope all is well. Ariel, is doing great! She is getting so big. Thank you so much, I love her so much. Every time I take her on a walk people always say how well behaved she is and how beautiful she is. I want to get another one, but I think I will wait. My mother has a chocolate lab and Ariel beats up on him all the time, its so cute.
Joy G.

Coby has made our holidays more fun than ever.
Kindest regards,
Earl K.

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