We just bred Frankie for a possible litter coming second week in March.  Stevie was not bred.

From the time of breeding to the go home date is approx. four months.

The website is kept up to date/current.
Keep an eye on the website for updates/availability and to when we start accepting deposits.


Many ask: How long will I have to wait to get a puppy?
There are several factors that play a role to that question
1) When will the next breeding occur? (I usually post all breeding’s)
2) Was the breeding successful? (I know about six weeks after the breeding occurred)
3) How many puppies will be in the litter? (don’t know)
4) What sex’s will be in the litter? (don’t know)
5) What coat colors will be in the litter? (don’t know)
6) What color will the puppies eyes be?
I will be able to answer 3, 4 and 5 AFTER the pups arrive and #6 I won’t be able to tell eye color till pups are 3/4 weeks old. I do not guarantee eye color
and I have NO CONTROL over Mother Nature.

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