What size will my puppy be?

People often ask me what size a puppy will get.  This is not always an easy question to answer.  The thing with Mini Aussies is you have not only the parents sizes that play into the development of a puppy, but also past generations as well.  So, although you might have two parents that are a certain size/height, their puppy may grow to be bigger or smaller.  I often say it’s a hard breed to predict, when it comes to an exact size.

An example of this is below.

This is Kendall pictured @ 6 months and Darla pictured at one year old.  BOTH out of the same sire and dam.  One is about 10″ and 10 lbs and the  other is close to 17 12″ and 35 lbs.

Same parents, different litters.  You just never know


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