Why we don’t “hold” or take a “waiting list” for a puppy

After a recent (and unpleasant) encounter with a woman, I have learned a few things and decided to explain why we don’t “hold” or take a “waiting list” for a puppy.

Definition of deposit: a sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.

One thing I have learned about waiting lists, more often than not, people don’t want to wait.  I also used to accept a (refundable) deposit and experienced the same as the waiting list, so deposits then became “NON-REFUNDABLE”.  It’s a big decision and commitment to add a pet to your family, one that should not be taken lightly, and I expect it not to be.

Re: the waiting list.  After the puppies arrived, I would contact each person who asked to be on that waiting list and more often than not, the case would be, “oh, we got a puppy already” or “we changed our minds” or some other reason, so to save everyone the time (especially me), I stopped taking a waiting list.  Also, for those of you who ask, “please keep my information and contact me when you have something”.  That is not something I do either.

Holding a puppy:  I can get several inquiries a day.  When we do have puppies, I do my best to stay current and up to date on my website. I post weekly photos of each puppy so that both buyers and prospective buyers can see the puppies. I also (with the help of my daughter) post pictures and videos on both Instagram and Facebook.  It can be a full-time job posting pictures and I work hard at it.  I do not hold a puppy w/o a deposit, plain and simple. I get too many inquiries.  If you want a puppy (or a puppy from a future litter), it requires a deposit to reserve the puppy.  So, please don’t ask me to hold a puppy while you reach out to your spouse, or get off work, etc.  It is possible in those short few hours that I could be passing on another firm buyer, while you make a decision to move fwd or not.

If you ask me for additional information/photos/videos, I am happy to provide that to you, at my earliest convenience. I may not always be able to get to it immediately, but I will get back to you. If I am getting multiple inquiries about the same puppy and the other person sends me a deposit, that puppy will no longer be available (even though you and I may be “talking”). Communicating with someone about a puppy does not “seal the deal”. The only way to guarantee the purchase of a puppy is by placing a deposit, sometimes that means minutes.   And also know, that I usually have a deposit list going LONG before any puppies are born.

My website is very informative and up to date.  Please go through it before reaching out to me.  Most information you need is on the website.

The best way to contact me is pick up the phone and call me or send me a text.  Messaging me on social media is okay too, but I may (guaranteed I won’t) not see it as quickly as I do a text message (sometimes days).

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